10 Things Every Fisherman Should Have

Fisherman equipment

For knowledgeable people, fishing is a special pastime, with its rituals, tricks, and customs. Suppose you have not yet been to the lake with a fishing rod in your hands. In that case, we dare to assure you that this special atmosphere of unity with nature perfectly keeps a person in good shape and reboots all his senses after a busy work schedule and a lot of stress experienced.

Are you already inspired and ready to jump right away? Take your time. There are some fishing essentials that you will need on your trip.

Although each fisherman always has his own individual set of necessities, adapted to the area of ​​residence, the types of fish found there, and the weather conditions, there is also a small list of essential items. Let’s take a closer look at the fishing tackle box essentials and the eight most fundamental things that should always be inside it:

1) Another skein of line

One of the most annoying things about fishing is the feeling when your only line breaks or gets completely confused, and you don’t have a spare.
Remember for yourself that there will never be an extra line.
If you are used to hunting larger, toothy fish in muddy waters, the line should be as strong as a rope.
If your prey is small and very careful, you should choose from thin and transparent options.

2) Hooks of different sizes for different types of fish

You need to select the hook separately for each type of fish, and if suddenly you are not biting, and everything is fine with the bait, you need to change it. This is why you should always carry your arsenal with you. This is one of the most important fishing essentials, so don’t ignore this little tip, as it can save you time and frustration.

3) Weight for float and hook

If you need to plunge the bait deep enough, you simply cannot do without a special weight. Do not be stingy and buy a whole stock of such pieces because from personal experience. We can tell you that they are incredibly quickly and easily lost. In addition, if there is a strong wind, then your float will simply be thrown to the surface, and if there is a sinker, this will not happen.
We also advise you to pay special attention to the material from which this device will be made since, for example, lead is not very environmentally friendly and is prohibited for use in some states.

4) A set of plastic worms

This point is significant if you are also collecting bass fishing must-haves. Plastic worms are certainly not as attractive as live bait. They are necessary anyway.
Firstly, they are much easier to use, and secondly, often, certain fish are attracted to the same color of bait, so you can determine and adjust the type of fish that will bite. In addition, this way, the fish is less likely to get off the hook.

5) First aid kit, which is protected from water

Yes, there are such people! They are on the list of must-haves for all fishermen but especially often become one of the ice fishing must-haves.
Since this type of fishing is the most dangerous in principle, antibiotics, antihistamines, antiviral drugs, bandages, waterproof plasters, and even disinfectants are needed. Hunting for fish is sometimes not entirely in favor of the fisherman, so never forget it especially if you decide to go on vacation in winter.
In addition, if you are going to sail along the river on a boat, then a waterproof first aid kit can be safely added to the list of kayak fishing must haves.

6) Lots of baits

While plastic worms are good, not all fish will take them. Usually, it will be enough to attach the living creatures to one of your hooks, and half the job is done, then you just have to wait.
However, sometimes it happens that such a simple game is not enough for the fish. Then shiny things like spinners are used, as well as special imitations of small fish.

7) Sun protection

Creams, sprays, or ointments – it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that you did not let the sunburn you to burns. And such a risk is significant because usually, fishermen spend days under the scorching sun. Ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer, and if you spend so much time outdoors without any protection, you run the risk of severe problems in the future.

8) Special knife or wire cutters

They may be needed in many situations, but their main function, in this case, is to trim the line. Not every knife can easily cut through the fishing tackle and free either you or your prey from the trap.

We hope that our article will help you on your future fishing travels. Good luck and good catch!