Can You Leave A Vape In A Hot Car?

Vape In A Hot Car

Vaping has become a popular alternative to traditional smoking, and with its rise in popularity, users face new challenges. One such question that often arises is, “Can you leave a vape in a hot car?” The simple answer is no. There are several reasons why leaving a vape in a hot car can be detrimental to both the device and its user. Let’s delve deeper into this topic to understand the potential risks and considerations. But first, feel free to visit our vape shop for more info. 

The Science Behind The Heat

Before we dive into the specifics of leaving a vape in a hot car, it’s crucial to understand how heat can affect various objects, especially electronic devices. When you leave any object in a closed vehicle, especially during summer, the inside temperature can skyrocket quickly. Even on a seemingly mild day, the temperature inside a vehicle can reach up to 172°F (78°C) within an hour.

Battery Concerns

Potential Explosions

One of the main concerns with leaving vape in hot car relates to the battery. Vape devices are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which can become unstable when exposed to extreme temperatures. The heat can cause the battery to expand, leak, or explode in the worst-case scenario. Such an explosion can damage your vehicle and even pose a safety risk to anyone nearby.

Reduced Battery Life

Aside from the risk of explosion, prolonged exposure to high temperatures can also decrease the overall lifespan of your vape’s battery. It might not hold a charge as long or deliver consistent power, leading to a suboptimal vaping experience.

E-Liquid Evaporation

Heat can also have a significant impact on the e-liquid contained in your vape. When left in a hot car, e-liquids can become thinner, leading to potential leaks. Moreover, high temperatures can cause some of the more volatile compounds in the e-liquid to evaporate, altering the flavor and strength of your vape juice.

How Hot Is Too Hot for a Vape?

Vaping devices, while built to withstand heat generated during their operation, have limits to how much external heat they can handle. But how hot is too hot for a vape?

When vaping, it’s normal for the device to become warm to the touch, especially after prolonged use. However, if it becomes uncomfortably hot or if you notice any unusual smells, it’s a sign that something might be wrong. Batteries, being a primary concern, can become unstable at excessive temperatures. A hot battery can indicate overuse, a malfunction, or potentially dangerous conditions that might lead to a leak or, in worst-case scenarios, an explosion.

External temperatures also matter. Leaving a vape in an environment where temperatures exceed 100°F (37.8°C) for extended periods, like inside a hot car during summer, can compromise its components.

Therefore, while a slight warmth during use is expected, any excessive heat from the device or its environment should be a cause for concern. Safety first!

Disposable Vapes: Are They Any Different?

Can You Leave A Disposable Vape In A Hot Car?

While disposable vapes might seem different from their rechargeable counterparts, they still share many of the same vulnerabilities when exposed to heat. Like any other vape device, disposable vapes contain both a battery and e-liquid, both of which are sensitive to high temperatures.

If you’ve left disposable vape in hot car, it might not deliver the same experience afterward. The flavor might taste off, and there’s a possibility that the battery has been compromised.

Is It OK to Leave Vape Juice in a Hot Car?

Vape juice, commonly referred to as e-liquid or e-juice, is the essential liquid used in electronic cigarettes and vaporizing devices. It combines nicotine (for those who choose nicotine-containing e-liquids), flavorings, and solvents such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The integrity and quality of this mixture can be compromised when exposed to extreme conditions, particularly heat.

Leaving vape juice in a hot car is not advisable. Cars can become exceptionally hot, especially during the summer months. Even on a seemingly mild day, within an hour, the internal temperature of a vehicle can soar, turning it into a virtual oven. This intense heat can wreak havoc on your e-liquid.

Firstly, the heat can cause the e-liquid to thin out, increasing the risk of leakage from the bottle or tank. Secondly, it can lead to faster oxidation of the nicotine and flavors, changing the taste and reducing the potency. Lastly, certain flavors and components of the e-liquid are volatile and can evaporate at high temperatures, altering the composition of the juice.

In the end, for the sake of maintaining the quality and integrity of your vape juice, it’s best to avoid leaving it in a hot car. Always store e-liquids in a cool, dark place to ensure the best vaping experience.

Tips To Avoid Heat-Related Issues

Storage Solutions

To ensure your vape device’s longevity and avoid potential risks, consider investing in a protective case. While a case might not provide complete insulation from heat, it can offer some degree of protection. Additionally, if you must leave your vape in the car, try to store it in a shaded or insulated area, such as the glove compartment or under a seat.

Regularly Check Your Device

After accidentally leaving your vape in a hot environment, always inspect it for any signs of damage. Check for leaks, bulges, or any other unusual appearance. If you notice anything amiss, replacing the compromised parts or even the entire device might be safer.

Establish A Routine

Establish a routine or set reminders to prevent forgetting your vape in the car. Just as you might do with a mobile phone or wallet, always ensure you have your vape before locking the vehicle.


The simple answer to the question, “Can you leave a vape in a hot car?” is a resounding no. Whether a regular vape or a disposable one, the risks of heat exposure, from battery damage to altered e-liquid, are too significant to ignore. As with all electronic devices and consumables, treat your vape carefully to ensure safety and the best possible vaping experience.