How is White Chocolate Made?

White Chocolate

Are you a chocolate lover? If so, have you ever wondered how it is made? Of course, you probably know that it is made from cocoa beans. But not everyone understands what to do with these beans to turn them into sweets. In this article, we will answer whether white chocolate is really chocolate and tell you about the curiosity that will surely interest all fans of sweets. Those who like parties on the couch will especially like it. So, if this is about you, be sure to try a virtual chocolate tasting. It is a great idea for an interesting pastime and also another reason to taste goodies.

What Is White Chocolate Made Of?

So, let’s start with the preparation of ordinary chocolate. Cocoa beans are extracted from the pods and then make various chemical reactions. After that, the solids of cocoa beans are mixed with the oil obtained as a result of the processes. In this way, you get chocolate that can be used to make treats.

So, how is white chocolate made? Therefore, all previous processes are unnecessary for this type of chocolate. All you need is cocoa butter. It is colorless. That’s why we can make chocolate white. So, what is white chocolate made of? Sugar, cream, milk, and vanilla are added to cocoa butter in certain proportions. Too much dairy products will make chocolate too sweet and kill the smell of cocoa butter.

There are also recommendations for the use of white chocolate. It is better to eat it chilled. It will reduce the level of sweetness in the taste. If you want to add this to the cake, it is better not to spare the chocolate. This way you get a brighter taste. That is why it is very important to follow the recommendations of how white chocolate is made and how to use it. 

Who Invented White Chocolate?

Let’s talk about the history and when white chocolate was made. The first use of white chocolate was recorded in England. Initially, it was used as a beverage. However, only in 1930 white chocolate was make in the form of sweets. So, who made white chocolate? Swiss chocolate maker Daniel Peter and Henri Nestle made their first attempt. They mixed powdered milk with cocoa butter. Initially, this type of chocolate was created to use the remnants of cocoa butter. Over time, such sweets became very popular. The first known bar of white chocolate Alpine White was created by NestlĂ©.

What Is Virtual Chocolate Tasting At Home?

What is virtual tasting? It is a way to not only enjoy the taste of chocolate, but also to talk about it with other people. It is a tasting that you can visit without leaving home. The company will deliver a set with different types of chocolate to your door. You will be able to taste it together with other participants by joining the tasting via Zoom. It is a great opportunity to have a great time and learn more about chocolate. Now you know what white chocolate is really made of. So, you can safely visit a virtual tasting party and share your thoughts.