How Much Do Shrooms Cost?


Nowadays, there are many ways to buy magic mushrooms. You can buy ready-made mushrooms or a set for growing mushrooms at home. Some also try to find them on their own. The last way is of course cheapest. However, you need to know well what they look like and where they grow. 

In fact, growing is not the best way for beginners. So, you should find a reputable dispensary to buy magic mushrooms for the first experience. That is why one of the most common questions is: how much do shrooms cost? To answer it, we need to understand the different portions of mushrooms on the market. If you want to buy them you can find a large selection of psilocybin gummies. So let’s start talking about prices.

What factors can affect the price of magic mushrooms?

There is no clear price for magic mushrooms. Many factors can affect it. For starters, you need to understand that there are different types of magic mushrooms. Each of them has different psychedelic effects. In other words, they differ in intensity. Therefore, beginners can buy cheaper kinds of mushrooms. It also depends on the availability of the mushroom. The cost of shrooms can be influenced by the legalization of magic mushrooms. In a state where they are allowed the price will be more affordable. Therefore, with the increase of cities where they are legalized, the price will fall. Also, the price depends on where the mushrooms are grown. It is also related to their intensity. Studies show that it depends on the environment in which the mushrooms grow.

How much does a gram of shrooms cost?

The cost of shrooms per gram is about $ 7-12. 1g is the optimal dose to feel the average effect of mushrooms.  It is recommended for the first experience. You will become more open to communication and the colors will become brighter.

How much does an eighth of shrooms cost?

An eighth of an ounce costs $ 20-40. This dose is considered the best for the feeling of a full trip.

How much does an ounce of shrooms cost?

An ounce of shrooms costs $ 200. As you can see, buying larger doses is more profitable.

How to save money on psychedelics?

You can also save on psychedelics if you have a prescription. First of all, you can order them by mail. Prices there are cheaper than in local pharmacies. You can get shipping from Canada. It is also worth ordering in bulk. This method will save you money. Also, check if your insurance company can pay you psychedelics.

You can also save on psychedelics by growing them yourself. However, it is worth doing this already have previous experience of their use. Still, it’s a great way. You can buy a set for growing magic mushrooms online. The process is not hard but requires detailed adherence to instructions. So, you can try this method. It will save you money, and you can always have magic mushrooms at home.