How To Care For A Real Christmas Tree?

Real Christmas Tree

While choosing the Christmas tree to order online, it is worth considering the delivery type and installation. Sometimes, it is worth asking somebody to help. For example, ask about such important nuances of tree care, as the conditions required to keep the tree until Christmas, whether it is possible to make the tree remain fresh, and how to protect it from pets. We have collected simple tips for taking care of a real Christmas tree for our readers. But first, let’s figure out what kind of inventory you need.

To take care of a real Christmas tree to be productive, transparent, and working, you need to prepare the following equipment in advance:

 • watering can (bottle with water);

 • stand for the Christmas tree;

 • bucket. 

Now let’s go directly to the steps you need to follow so as not to confuse anything. Here is our list of real Christmas tree care tips:

1) Remove the packing material

After you bring your Christmas tree home, do not forget that the first step is to remove all the plastic, nets, bags, and stuff that the farmers used as a wrapper. 

2) Cut off the trunk

First, you should water the tree so that later, while working with the saw, there is no lack of moisture. How much does it cost you to cut? The experts we consulted agreed that about 25 mm is what you need, the perfect balance.

After this operation, you need to place the tree in a bucket if you cannot put it on a stand or in a pot yet.

At this stage, it is essential to provide suitable conditions for the tree, namely an environment with low humidity and without direct sunlight.

3) Preparing the tree

When the moment seems right for you, take the tree, and shake it first before placing it in the stand. So any debris and dried-up needles will crumble to the floor without creating any problems for you afterward.

4) Installing the tree

Next, you will need to install the Christmas tree in a special, purchased in an advance stand, or a pot.

Don’t place the tree in sandy or ordinary soil, as this will eliminate the possibility of feeding the tree when watering.

5) Limit the heat

If you put your evergreen beauty in a warm place (near a heater or battery), then your tree will crumble in just a week. It is better to place it in a cool place like a balcony.

6) Daily watering

This is the only way to preserve the beauty of the main attribute of the Christmas holidays. It is water that is a key vital component for both humans and the Christmas tree. It is advisable to add from 0.5 to 2 or more liters per day (depending on the size of the tree).

7) Protect yourself from cats

It is no secret to anyone that cats are the main reason for the mess in the house at Christmas. How to ensure that their insolent muzzles do not come close to the stand with an evergreen plant? Place citrus fruits around it. Cats are frightened by the smell of citrus, so if you do like that, your tree will be safe.

We hope that our article helped you answer the question of how to take care of a real Christmas tree. Good luck!