How to Move Without Movers?


No doubts, that moving on your own is a great challenge. It’s easy to get stressed, when you decided to move into a new apartment or a new house. Here are the best tips how to not get lost in a thousand of boxes and move to your new home without any extra problems. Or you can apply to basic moving services and truly ease your living.

Best tips to move without hiring professionals:

1. Find helpers for moving day

You need to warn your friends or relatives that you are planning to move in advance. The earlier you did this, the more helpers you will get. This will help to make sure that you won’t deal with all of it on your own.  Don’t forget to cook some food and prepare some drinks – packing your stuff may take all day long.

2. Rent a moving truck

First, you need to rent a truck in order to be sure that your stuff will be delivered safely and in time. It will be better, if you reserve your truck ahead. This way, you can save some money too. Of course, you may transport some stuff by yourself, especially if owning a car. But be ready for unexpected difficulties – you may transport all the items not in one trip.

3. Get packing materials

It’s also important to get the right equipment. You need to have some boxes of different sizes, packing tape and some paper to pack dishes. Bubble wrap will also help you with packing everything that may be broken during the trip. Don’t forget about wheel moving dollies – this way it will be easier to move your furniture, large boxes, or household appliances.

4. Get rid of unwanted items

Do you still have that skirt or t-shirt, that you have dressed once in a lifetime? Now you have a great chance to get rid of unnecessary stuff, so you don’t have to take it all with you! Divide your clothing into two groups – to sell and to donate. Besides, select a stuff that you will definitely keep in your wardrobe.

5. Hire a babysitter

It’s also a smart idea to hire a babysitter while you are busy with moving. It’s not worth omitting this tip, especially when you have little kids. So, you will not be distracted from your business and your children will be happy in another place with a babysitter.

Final thoughts

Follow these tips and your moving day will be much easier. Although, you can still hire professionals and the whole process of moving will be less stressful. It’s a great idea, when you are busy at work, for instance. Leave a request on the company’s website, and we will be happy to help you!