The Meaning of Arm Rings For Viking People

Rings For Viking

The Vikings wore rings to demonstrate their status. Also, they had to fight for it. Today we can buy any rings without effort. However, it is worth learning more about the meaning and symbolism of each of them. It will help you choose the sterling silver Viking arm ring that is right for you.

What is a Viking arm ring?

Viking arm ring is jewelry that was worn for various purposes. They were not created just for beauty. However, all the rings had a unique refined look.  The Vikings wore rings in different ways: on the shoulder, on the biceps, on the arm, and even on the neck. Each bracelet was made especially for its owner. That is why they had their own size. The bracelets were also made of valuable materials: wood, bronze, glass, gold, and silver. Bracelets were worn mainly by men. It also emphasizes the importance of the Viking arm ring.

Historical use of Viking arm ring

Let’s start with the story. The Vikings were conquerors. They could conquer any of the cities. They wore a lot of different jewelry. The main ones were the rings. Where did they get the materials for jewelry? When the Vikings attacked the city, they looted it. They stole all the gold and silver. Later they made jewelry out of them.

What about the meaning of the Viking arm ring? Rings were important to the Vikings. For example, they wore spiral rings to pay for a purchase. To do this, they broke off a piece of the ring and gave. In other words, it was the currency of that time. Rings also meant belonging to the social level. 

The Vikings always reinforced their word with an oath. To do this, they used rings. They were a symbol of fidelity. The Vikings performed many rites of passage. One of them was the dedication of soldiers. The king gave the ring to the warrior as a sign of trust. The king very often showed his kindness by giving rings. He expressed his gratitude for good deeds. For men, the rings were of particular importance. That’s why they all wore them. 

Symbolic denotation of Viking arm ring

So, we realized that bracelets were used for various purposes. However, some rings had symbolic meanings. Let’s talk about the symbolic Viking arm ring significance.

The first type of such rings was called Memorabilia. They were created as a reminder of love and fidelity. Men who went on long and long voyages did them. They invested their love and strength in them. Then they gave them to their wives. The women kept the jewelry until the beloved returned home. The rings reminded them of their love and the importance of fidelity. Each pair had a ring with its own pattern. That is why they were a symbol of their love.

The next type of ring is Rite of Passage. This is the name for a Viking oath arm ring given to a boy when he became a man. As we know this jewelry is of great importance to men. That is why each boy waited for his initiation and the ring. This meant that he was worthy of war and a defender. This was of great importance at this time. 

The Vikings also had wedding rings. They were used as a symbol of the creation of a new family. This was of great importance to the Vikings. That is why they swore allegiance and love. They exchanged rings that were worn at the end of the swords. The male ring symbolized the continuation of the genus. The female ring meant the transfer of her protection from father to husband.

As we can see, the cultural aspects of the Viking arm ring were important very much.

Viking arm ring in the modern sense

So, today we can see what the real Viking arm ring looked like. We can also buy them. However, the current rings have a slightly different shape. This is done for comfort while wearing. However, people buy rings and give them symbolic meanings. They use them during weddings because they consider them a symbol of eternal love. People also wear rings to show their fascination with Viking culture.

So how to wear a Viking arm ring? Today, people wear rings like ordinary bracelets. However, you can wear them just like the Vikings.