Top 10 Video Games To Play When On Shrooms


Magic mushrooms are now a popular way to reach recreational and spiritual experiences. Users refer to shroom trips to feel more open and relaxed. Moreover, after a psychedelic experience, they can gain essential insights and life lessons. So, you decide to get high on psilocybin, but what to do next? If you wonder can I play video games while on shrooms, our answer is «yes, of course». It is an excellent opportunity to pass the time and feel even better. Here are the top 10 fun video games on shrooms you can’t overpass.

Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty is a win-win option for every stoner who wants to engage in hardcore activity full of action. When you are high, this intense video game feels even more enjoyable. The atmosphere of war and real-life fields of battles will bring you unforgettable emotions. You can discover events of World War II, the Cold War, future wars, cosmos wars, and many others. Call Of Duty remains a perfect choice for shroom users willing to diversify their usual psychedelic experiences. It is one of the best variants among horror games on shrooms.


If you wonder what fun things to do on shrooms, make sure playing Tekken won’t leave you indifferent. This fighting arcade video game allows you to plunge into the exciting world of Japanese heroes and havoc. There are various characters to choose from, so be sure you find a suitable one. A few characters have supernatural origins, while others are animal characters. The effects of magic mushrooms will only intensify the friendly vibe from a Tekken video game.


One of the good games to play on shrooms goes to Sims. Originated in 2000, Sims became the most popular game in the life simulator genre. It is where you can do anything and anywhere. Follow your dreams while on shrooms, and build the world you want to live in. Create the characters and settle them in the dream house. You can quickly realize even the craziest ideas and not be judged. Since there are a few versions of this game, you will always have something new to plan and have some fun.

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero will become a favorite option to play while tripping for multiple consumers. This game is truly appreciated by users who value music. You can turn on your imagination and get lost in the fantastic world of music. If you dreamed of becoming a rock star in your childhood, you have such an opportunity now in Guitar Hero. The emotions from your psychedelic trip will significantly complement the overall atmosphere of this video game. Plus, you can enjoy the great melody that will relax your mind, which is vital while on the trip.


If you want to combine shrooms and video games and get a great atmosphere while tripping, then Tetris is definitely for you. This game has remained a favorite for numerous people over the last 40 years. We don’t know anything more satisfying than cruising rows of blocks with a single Tetris block. Go ahead and download this famous video game if you don’t do this already, and enjoy the excellent experience while on shrooms. It is that classic video game that is a must-have for every stoner.

Space Invaders

A Space Invaders game dispels the myth – can you play games on shrooms? It is as simple as possible, but it is the core. All you need to do in this video game is pan through the screen and shoot aliens, not allowing them to reach the bottom of your screen. The game is pretty easy but not less entertaining. Space Invaders is ideal for every mushroom user who seeks a not complicated but exciting shooting game.

Mario Kart

This video game is one of the most famous racing games series that any stoner will love to play. Offering multiple characters and tracks together with excellent graphics, Mario Kart has the potential to bring users pleasant emotions while tripping. Every version of this video game is mind-blowing, so be certain Mario Kart deserves your attention next time you decide to get high on magic mushrooms.

Super Mario Bros

You can play as Mario in the fantastic Mushroom Kingdom, eat mushrooms, ride dinosaurs, and leap multiple times until dead. You can find all these things in a game called Super Mario Bros. The best option is to download a version between Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World, but any older version is no less entertaining to play while on shrooms. Super Mario Bros is a universal classic video game to play any time, not necessarily being high.

Wii Sports

One of the fun video games on shrooms that are worth your attention remains Wii Sports. There isn’t a better choice to play with your friend-stoner, and have a lot of fun! Wii Sports will examine your psycho-motor skills, and you will need to stay coordinated while riding. It isn’t a simple task while tripping, but you and your friends will have a lot of laughs. Refer to this video game if you want to experience extreme and high speed that will add some adrenaline to your usual psychedelic practice.

Grand Theft Auto

We don’t know a person who doesn’t like to plunge into the world of GTA Online. Passing missions, stealing cars, shooting, and not only – you can’t even imagine how entertaining Grand Theft Auto appears while you are tripping. You can even compete with friends who will pass more missions successfully. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to this game. If you are looking for trippy mushroom videos, Grand Theft Auto is something you should consider.