What To Wear On A River Cruise In Europe?

Wear On A River Cruise

Once you book a Europe cruise, you take an excellent opportunity to discover European culture while river sailing. Such cruises mainly differ from regular ocean cruises in smaller ships that don’t usually provide many amenities and activities aboard. Furthermore, it is essential to know what to wear on a scenic river cruise to stay comfortable and warm during a fantastic season. This article will introduce you to several useful, practical tips on what to pack for a river voyage in Europe.

What to wear on a river cruise in Europe?

Packing for a European river cruise isn’t as complicated as it may seem to you before. Keeping a wardrobe simple is your best bet since you are likely to spend most of the time on excursions and exploring cultural destinations and popular tourist spots. Unlike typical ocean cruises, cruise lines that offer river cruises don’t usually require a strict dress code, and nights aboard are also informal, so be sure you can wear relaxed clothes and stay in comfort. The length of most European river cruises is about eight days – you don’t have to overpack your suitcase while a couple of basic clothes is key. So, what to wear on a river boat cruise? Keep reading to find out.

1. Take layers

If you set off for a river cruise in spring and fall, you will likely encounter a shoulder season that features quite unpredictable weather. Thus, an excellent consideration is to pack layers, such as a light jacket or long sleeves. You will also stay warm in the dining rooms since these areas are often air-conditioned.

2. Pack a pair of comfortable shoes

A river cruise is all about walking and exploring, so it never hurts to take a pair of comfortable sneakers or boots. Put off your high heels for another vacation. You might also take changing shoes, like sandals, to walk onboard.

3. Focus on casual clothing

If you doubt what to wear on a European river cruise, packing two pairs of jeans or capris, a couple of t-shirts, a warm fleece jacket, pajamas, and a raincoat is often enough. Evening wear is typically non-formal, but you can pack a few lightweight blouses or shirts if you want to look chicer for dinner.

4. Take some summer clothes

Many tourists who book a river cruise during hot summer months ask what to wear on a summer river cruise in Europe? Well, it couldn’t be easier. Women can pack several light summer dresses, a skirt, a blouse, a cardigan to stay warm in the cool evening, a pair of sandals and sneakers, a sunhat and sunglasses, and a pair of jeans or shorts. For men, it is sufficient to take a few T-shirts or polos, a pair of jeans and shorts, a pair of comfortable walking shoes and possible sandals, a cap to protect from the sun, and some layers for chilly nights.