When Did Leather Jackets Become Popular?

leather jacket

Men’s leather jackets are genuinely versatile clothing in a gentleman’s wardrobe. Guys can wear a leather jacket either for a date in a restaurant or for a party with friends and still look stylish. But did you ever think when did leather jackets become popular? And how have they captured the modern fashion world? Keep reading to discover a quick guide to a leather jacket’s history. Please don’t miss your chance to get a chic leather jacket at our activewear shop.

When were leather jackets popular?

1. The 1900s

Leather jackets originated during the First World War. In the early 1900s, German pilots used to wear brown leather jackets to stay warm at high altitudes. In the times of World War II, these clothes were also known as bomber jackets. Leather aviator jackets were initially a part of the pilot’s military uniform, but they later quickly gained popularity in the fashion world.

2. The late 1920s

In 1928, designer Irvin Schott firstly introduced the leather jacket as a fashionable piece called The Perfecto. Schott used a daring zipper in a coat instead of a standard that times buttons in the front closure. The Perfecto was sold for as little as $5.50, but it has dramatically inspired multiple modern designers for street-style leather jackets.

3. The 1950s and 1960s

After the first leather jacket was sold as stylish wear in 1928, fashion quickly adopted these jackets. If you wonder what year were leather jackets popular, the 1950s were the peak of their popularity, as Hollywood accepted a trend in the famous movies. The first Hollywood film with the main character wearing a leather jacket was The Wild One starring Marlon Brando. Since then, this wear has been associated with bad boys and gang members. The Beatles and Steve McQueen also followed a hot trend for leather jackets.

4. The 1970s and 1980s

A tendency for popular leather jackets skyrocketed in the following 1970s and 1980s when women adopted a trend. Initially, men’s wear, leather jackets became widespread in the rock and roll scene. Joan Jett and Blondie were among those female musicians who followed a fashionable trend very soon, making this wearing available for both genders. Numerous fans of rock and roll musicians were willing to be similar to their idols, so leather jackets became popular rapidly.

5. Modern fashion

Since the 1980s, a chic trend to wear leather jackets is now widely appreciated in a street style. Multiple celebrities and supermodels appear in fashionable jackets made from leather, making this fashion tendency more accessible. For instance, famous Kate Moss creates sports leather jacket looks in their informal wardrobe. Nobody even guesses that this wearing style originated thanks to the pilots in the First World War. The truth is that leather jackets have become must-haves in the arsenal of numerous fashionistas these days.